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Sharing updates, collaborating on projects, flagging problems, and troubleshooting, all need a strong line of communication between teams. 

That’s where Xenia messaging come in. Messaging helps distributed employees work closely from anywhere. They’re mobile-first, making it easy to connect with people on the go so teams never have to compromise on collaboration.



In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Accessing messaging in Xenia
  • Types of chat messages you can send
  • Sending your first message
  • Sending messages on mobile


Accessing messaging in Xenia

From the sidebar, click on the Chat bubble icon. This opens the Messaging portal. 

Here, you can see all your direct messages, groups, and feeds on the left. The right side shows your most recent chat.

There are two views for your chats: the Section view and the List view.


What types of messages can you send?

You can use Xenia Messaging to send out:

  • Direct messages: send a direct message to anyone in your organization. Ask for progress updates or pull key information.
  • Group messages: add multiple people to a group, send a message, and work together on projects.
  • Public messages: use public feeds to send messages to everyone in the organization to share company updates and announcements.
  • Mentions to tag users: mention users or tag them to trigger notifications and tend to urgent tasks.


Send a direct message

The Chat bubble icon in the sidebar takes you to Messaging in Xenia. Head here to send your first message.

Click on the New Message icon and pick a recipient. Now you’re ready to write your first message and send it away.


Send a public message

Public feeds let you send messages to all users in your account. You can create as many public feeds as you like and some examples are:

  • General chat
  • Company announcements
  • Unwind
  • Shift Log Book notes & activity updates 

To create a public feed, hit the + button from the Sections View. Name your public feed. 

To send a public message, write a message in this feed and send it away.


Send a group message

Create a group chat by clicking on the plus button ‘+’ next to Groups in the Messaging module. Share your message here. 

You can also open an existing group and send your message there.


Send a message via mobile

Messaging on mobile shows the list view from the web app. You’ll be able to see all your direct messages, group chats, and public feeds in one place. 

First, open Messaging portal from the Chat icon in the bottom menu. 

From here, you can either send a new message by clicking on the New Message icon or open an existing chat. 


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