Updating your real-time status

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Your real-time status lets your team members know if you’re available to take on work or if you’re away on leave or out of office. This helps bring visibility into everyone’s working status so work can be planned accordingly. 

You can update your real-time status at any time from the app to show your availability. 

How do user statuses work?

Users can have any of four working statuses:

  • Available: indicates that you are available and not working on any in-progress tasks at the moment.
  • Busy: indicates you’re currently working on an in-progress task. This gets updated automatically when you start working on a task but you can also set this status manually.
  • Online: indicates that the user is logged in but hasn’t specified whether they are available or busy.
  • Offline: indicates that the user is logged off. 

How to set my status

Your current status will be shown at the top-left of your dashboard. It is 'Available' by default when you’re in the app. You can click on this to choose between ‘Available’ or ‘Busy’ from both the web and mobile app.

Assign tasks based on Status / Capacity: Managers and Task Creators can see which users are Available to work on tasks, and which users are Busy before assigning them work in the Create a Task Form.

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