Assigning and editing work orders

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For new work orders, click on ‘Add’ from the Tasks & Work Orders module. Pick a team member to assign in the Assign To field. 


You can also assign work orders to a Team. Previously created Teams will appear in the Assigned To drop-down menu alongside individual Users.


Here's a look at the same in the mobile app



For existing work orders, click on the 'Re-Assign' button via the three-dots menu ('Assign' button if the selected task has no Assignee). Select the new Assignee and click the 'Assign' button to save your changes.


Other options available inside the three-dots menu include Edit, Mark as Complete, and Archive.


You can also re-assign work orders from the mobile app. Open a work order, click on the three-dots menu, and then hit 'Re-assign'.



You can also Edit any other fields in the Task Form by clicking on the "Edit" field via the three-dots menu.

From here, click on the field you wish to modify, make your changes and then select "Save". This will update the Task according to your changes.


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