Creating a work order

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It’s time to start creating your first task or work order.

On the Web app, click on 'Add’ from the Tasks & Work Orders module.


Here’s everything you can add to your work order:

  • Add a short description to describe the task. This is required. 
  • Specify a category for your task as well, such as general, inspection, or repair. Your team defines these categories so you can also create them based on different functions in your company such as administration, maintenance, HR, and so on. This is also required. 
  • Attach a document or a Xenia checklist with your task. 
  • You can capture an image related to the work order for Assignees & Managers to view by clicking on the 'Choose Image' button
  • Assign a team member to this task, set a priority, and assign a deadline if you like. 
  • You can also add a location to help clarify exactly where the task needs to be performed. 
  • Set this to recurring if it needs to be repeated. 

Once done, hit ‘Create Task’ to begin tracking.


Here's a look at the same process on the mobile app. 

Click on the "+" button from the 'Work' tab to begin and add work order details before you hit 'Create Task'.



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