How to Use & Manage Task Templates in Xenia

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This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about creating and managing Task Templates, including adding them to Operation Templates through Automations. Let's dive in to make your task management process more efficient and tailored to your needs.

Creating Task Templates

Task Templates are designed to streamline your workflow by allowing you to quickly create tasks with preset fields. This feature not only saves time but also helps in accumulating historical data to identify the most utilized task templates, fostering a more efficient task routing system across multiple departments.

Accessing Task Templates

  • Task Templates can be accessed by clicking on the Tasks & Work Orders menu item in the left-hand navigation bar.
    • Once you're in the Tasks & Work Orders feature, you'll find new sub-menu items that expande & appear. By default, the "All Tasks" sub-menu item is selected. To manage or create Task templates, click on the "Saved Templates" button.

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How to Create a Task Template

From the 'Saved Task Templates' Screen:

1. Click on the "+ Create New Template" button

2. Fill out the Task Fields

3. Click on "Next"

4. Xenia will prompt you to fill in additional settings such as the Template Title, Relative Due Date, and Description.

  • Relative Due Date: This is crucial for the template's usability. Instead of a fixed date, you set a relative due date (e.g., 2 days after creation) to ensure the task's due date is always relevant.

5. Click on Save Template to save your changes.

Once you have saved these pre-set fields, your task template is ready to be used!

Adding Task Templates to Operations Templates via Automations

Automations play a significant role in enhancing task management efficiency. By automating the inclusion of task templates into operations templates, you can ensure tasks are generated seamlessly in response to specific triggers or conditions.

Setting Up Automations

  • Auto-Create Task from Template: This new automation feature allows you to automatically create a task based on a selected template in response to a specific action or condition within an operation.
    • You can find this automation when you click on the "Add Automations / Logic" button for any Step in your Operations Template.
    • From the Triggers Menu, select "Auto-Create Task from Template"

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  • Select a Task Template and click on Confirm

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  • Once a response is given that triggers this pre-set automation, the User will see a header message as they complete their assigned checklists / operation templates / forms. This indicates that a Corrective Task from a Task Template has been automatically created & assigned!

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Editing and Managing Task Templates

With the Task Templates Manager, you have full control over your templates. This manager is accessible from both the "Saved Templates" button.

Editing or Deleting a Task Template

  • You can edit existing templates to update any details or settings. Remember, any changes made to the form on a template will modify the template itself.

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Important Considerations

  • Template Modifications: Be aware that editing the Task Form on a template will change the template itself and all future tasks created with this template will reflect this.
  • Conditional Logic in Automations: The automation feature "Auto-Create Task from Template" creates tasks automatically based on step responses, enhancing workflow efficiency without manual intervention. This can lead to a significant increase in Corrective Tasks being created inside of your Xenia workspace. Please be mindful of managing these tasks to avoid a large backlog of "Open" tasks from being created. These tasks can be managed in the "Corrective" sub-menu item within the Tasks & Work Orders feature.


This guide should help you get started with creating, managing, and automating Task Templates in Xenia. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Happy task managing!

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