Required Step: A Comprehensive Guide

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In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the functionality of the Required Step feature, which ensures that all necessary steps are completed before submission. Whether you're new to this feature or an experienced user, this guide will provide you with detailed instructions to effectively implement and use Required Steps. Let's get started!

💡Required Step Defined: Require Users to respond to a specific question or step when they are filling out a submission form. These submissions will not be allowed to be Submitted until all required steps are responded to.

Section 1: Implementing Required Steps in Template Builder

Implementing Required Steps in your templates is a key feature. Follow these steps to set up Required Steps effectively:

  1. Open the Template Builder screen (new or existing template)
  2. Click on the "Required Step" checkbox underneath the step(s) to enable


Section 2: Handling Required Steps When Completing a Submission

When completing a submission, if the User tries to submit a submission without responding to required steps, they will prompted to complete them before submitting.

If there are open required steps, click on the "Review" button to enter Review Mode. This will create a shortlist of just the Required Steps you need to fill out.

This feature is available on both Web and Mobile App.

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