Making Public Access Forms (Public Link & QR Codes)

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In Xenia, you can turn any operations template into a publicly accessible form. These forms can be accessed via a Public URL Link and a QR Code.

How To Do This:

To create a public link or QR code for your template follow these steps. Anyone that scans this QR Code will be able create a submission (whether they are Xenia Users or not). 

  • Navigate to the specific template's settings (if User is a Template Admin).
  • Click on "Make Public and Share"
  • Toggle Public Access "On"

  • Click on "Add QR Code"

  • Click on "View" to download and/or print the QR image.

  • Copy the public link and share this with non-Xenia Users, or download / print the QR Code (which can be scanned from any device with a Camera).

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