How to Send & Manage Requests via Public Form

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In this help center article, we will guide you through the process of sending and managing requests using a publicly accessible form in Xenia. This feature allows you to customize the form, determine the required information, and even use QR codes for easy access. What's more, requesters don't need a Xenia account to submit their requests through this form.

Step 1: Accessing the Public Form

  • To begin, access your Public Request Form's settings in Xenia via Work Requests -> Public Work Request Portal

Step 2: Customizing the Form, Brand Logo, & Copy Link

  • Customize the form and its fields as needed via "Fields" and "Portal Settings" Tabs.
  • You can add fields to collect specific information, set validation rules, and design the form to match your organization's brand:
    • Enter specific Instructions and URLs to appear at the top of every request form (optional)
    • Add an image / company logo
  • Toggle on/off email notifications for Requesters

  • Share the URL or QR Code found in Form's configuration settings by clicking on "Copy Link"

Step 3: Using QR Codes

  • If desired, generate QR codes for the form to make it even easier for requesters to access. You can place these QR codes in physical locations or on your website.

Step 4: Submitting Requests


  • Requesters, whether they have a Xenia account or not, can easily submit their requests through the public form.
  • Have user fill out form by clicking on the "Copied" link (share it via Email, SMS, or Xenia's SOP Feature)
  • When User has entered all optional and required responses, they can click on the "Submit Request" button to send the submission.

Step 5: Status Updates via Email

  • Once a request is created via the public form, the requester will receive status updates via email if they provided their email address during submission.
  • Both requesters and Admins receive notifications related to the request.

Step 6: Managing Requests

  • The requests submitted through the public form will also be added to your Requests board. From here, you can review each request and choose to either Accept or Decline it.
    • Track resolution of request via associated Work Order directly from Requests Inbox View.

Conclusion: With these easy-to-follow steps, you can send and manage requests efficiently through a publicly accessible form in Xenia. Customize the form, use QR codes for accessibility, and keep requesters informed through email updates. Managing requests on your Requests board is straightforward and helps streamline your workflow.

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