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Xenia's Requests is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the process of managing, approving, and tracking requests that are converted into work orders when accepted by an Admin or Normal User. This feature is available on both the Xenia Mobile App & Web App.


Requests can be used to manage things like maintenance work order requests, tenant repairs, IT tickets.

The Basics: Requests Workflow

  • Requester creates a request
  • Admin or Normal User receives notifications and accepts or declines the request
  • Any comments related to the request are sent by the Requester or Approval Manager
  • If the Request is accepted, a task or work order is created and assigned
  • Request completed & notification sent to the requester

How to Create a Request: Requesters Only

  1. Navigate to the ‘Request’ tab
  2. Click on ‘+ Add request’ button in the upper right
  3. Fill out the form and attach any related files or images
  4. Click ‘Create’
  5. Your request has been created, an Admin/Normal User will accept or decline your request shortly.




How to Accept / Decline a Request: Admins/Normal Users Only

  1. Navigate to the ‘Request’ tab
  2. Select a Request from the List on the left-side of the screen
  3. If the Request is Pending, click on the Accept / Decline button underneath the ‘Request title’
  4. If User accepts the request, a Work Order Form will appear with the related fields filled out. 
  5. Add an Assignee, specify any additional information (Priority, Category, etc.), and create the work order.
  6. Requester will be notified that the Request has been accepted and will also be notified once the Work Order is completed.




Roles & Access

Admins / Normal Users

Admins / Normal Users have access to the Request tab and can view "Pending" and "Accepted" requests. They can also accept, decline, and comment on requests. Once a request is accepted, it is immediately converted into a work order. Admins/Normal users cannot create Requests.


Requesters have access to Requests and Chats modules only. They can view "Pending" and "Accepted" requests, but only see the "Work Order Status" for accepted requests. Requesters can create, edit, and comment on requests, but cannot add images or costs to requests once they're accepted. Requesters cannot create Work Orders and do not have access to Operations Templates created in their Workspace.


Xenia sends default Email and In-App Push notifications to keep both Admins and Requesters updated on the status of requests. Both Users will be notified when a Request has been created, accepted, and completed (as well as any other Status changes in relation to the Request).

Inviting Requesters


  • Can invite Requesters, Admins, and Normal Users from both Mobile and Web App.

Normal Users

  • Can invite Requesters and other Normal Users from both Mobile and Web App.
  • Cannot invite Admins.


  • Can invite other Requesters from both Mobile and Web App.
  • Cannot invite Admins or Normal Users.

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