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Xenia Request Management

Xenia's Requests is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the process of managing, approving, and tracking requests. Requests can be used to manage things like maintenance work order requests, tenant repairs, IT tickets, and more.

Xenia's Requests is available on both the Xenia Mobile App and Web App. This makes it easy for Requestor users to submit requests from anywhere, at any time.

Our Requests feature is a powerful tool that can help organizations to improve the efficiency of their request management process. By using Xenia's Requests, organizations can save time and money, and improve the level of service they provide to their customers and teammates. 

How does it work?

  • Requester creates a request
  • Admin or Normal User receives notifications and accepts or declines the request
  • Any comments related to the request are sent by the Requester or Approval Manager
  • If the Request is accepted, a task or work order is created and assigned
  • Request completed & notification sent to the requester
  • Email notifications go out the whole way

Advanced Use Cases:

Managing requests across locations: Xenia's Requests can generate reports that show the number and type of requests by location while streamlining the request process across multiple locations.

Analyzing costs associated with requests: Xenia's Requests can track the costs associated with each request. This information can be used to identify areas where costs are high, and to make changes to improve efficiency.

Using requests to analyze opportunities for preventive risk management: Xenia's Requests can be used to identify patterns in requests. This information can be used to identify potential risks, and to take steps to prevent them from occurring.

Requests in Action

Requester creates Request on the Web App


Requester can also create Requests on the Mobile App


Once a Request is created, Admins & Normal Users can view the Request and Accept or Decline it. This will automatically bring up the Task Form to convert the Request into a Work Order.


Admins & Normal Users can also Accept or Decline requests directly from the Mobile App.



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