How to assign a operations template using tasks & work orders

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Assigning a checklist requires it to be attached to a task. This lets you add additional details, add priority, deadline, and more. Let's see how to do so.

Assigning a template on the web app

Head to the Tasks & Work Orders dashboard from the sidebar menu.

From here, you can either create a new task or open the task you'd like to add a template to. Click on ‘Add Operations Template’. This opens up a pop-up for your checklists. 

Select the checklist you’d like to attach and hit ‘Attach’. This closes the pop-up and attaches it to the task. Now, add an assignee and save the changes. 

Once you attach an operations template with a task, it gets added to the Operations Template tab in the respective task.



Assigning a template on mobile

Similar to starting a template, click on the Templates button at the bottom of the screen. Select your checklist and hit 'Assign'. Fill in the task details, add an assignee, and create a task. 



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