How to edit a public template

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It can be hard for public templates to exactly match your use case. That's why Xenia lets you add them to your library and edit them to better match your SOPs. Let's see how. 

First, find the checklist template you need from the public template library. You can do this by going to the public template library from the Checklist dashboard. 

Once you find your checklist, click on it to preview it. Then, click on 'Save to Library' to bring it to your library. 

Now, head to your library to see the saved version. Click on the 'My Templates' tab and look for the same checklist. 

If you hover over the template card, you'll see the three-dot menu in the top-right. Click on this and hit 'Edit' to open the editing mode.

From here, you can add new steps or delete existing ones. You can also edit text for the existing steps or change the response type. Please see the demo below!


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