How to save a public template to your library

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You can always save a public checklist template to your library. This makes the template easy to access and thus, easier to use again. Let's see how. 

From the Operations Templates dashboard, go to public templates by clicking on 'Explore the Public Template' button or click on the Public Templates tab. 

Next, find the template that you need. You can use scroll through the library, use the search box, or apply filters to get to the right template. 

Once you see the template you need, click on it. This will show the preview pop-up, allowing you to preview the complete checklist. 

Click on the 'Save to Library' button on the top-left of the checklist pop-up. This will add the template to your library.

Now, open the 'My Templates' tab from your operations templates dashboard. You'll see your newly added template there.

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