What is Advanced Location Logic?

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What are 'Locations'?

'Locations' are specific areas where business activities occur. They can be physical places like offices or stores, or conceptual areas like departments. Locations are key to organizing your operations in Xenia. They help in assigning tasks, facilitating reporting, and ensuring efficient resource allocation.

What is Advanced Location Logic?

  • Enhanced Structure: Advanced Location Logic in Xenia is about creating a detailed, hierarchical structure of locations & sites.

    • With Xenia’s advanced location logic, moving users between different locations is a breeze. If an employee leaves your organization, restricting their access is just a few clicks.
    • Control what users can see: Example: Regional Managers of your restaurant locations may need to see all users from all locations, whereas single location managers / frontline employees need to only see users & teams at their own restaurant location that they are a member of
    • Control what users can view and select: When creating tasks or filtering submission / task data, in Xenia, users can be limited to view & select only locations they are a member of. This eliminates confusion and hides unnecessary data from certain Users’ viewpoints on the Web and Mobile App.

      Granular Control: This system allows for nuanced management of tasks, operations templates (checklists), and SOPs / files. It's ideal for businesses with multiple operational sites or complex organizational setups with multiple levels of management (example: regional and divisional managers or frontline employees working at individual or multiple locations).

Benefits of Using Advanced Location Logic in Xenia

Whether you are operating multiple production facilities across the world, or a national restaurant chain, Xenia’s advanced Location Logic enables seamless User and Access Management across your organization.

  • Location & Site Hierarchy: As a restaurant franchise owner of 40 locations across the United States, being able to set access controls and permissions across your various locations and teams is critical. Employees can be moved around between locations or be removed in just a few clicks. Administrators can organize locations by City, State, or Region. Each restaurant location fits into this structure, making management more systematic.
  • Xenia Administrators can customize their workspace’s location hierarchy levels based on their specific organization structure.
    • In this example, this restaurant franchise has locations across the United States:

Location & Site Hierarchy Example:

  • Access Control: This hierarchy allows different access levels. For example, regional managers oversee all locations in their region, while local managers focus on their specific restaurant.
  • Targeted Visibility: Employees see only the tasks and information relevant to their location. This approach reduces confusion and increases focus.
  • Customized Management: Xenia's structure ensures that each location operates efficiently under the umbrella of the larger organization, respecting the unique needs and roles of each site.

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