Filtering your "Tasks & Work Orders" Dashboard

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Xenia also offers a host of different filters so you can view information that’s relevant to you at all times. Here are all the filters that you can apply to customize your view:

  • Core Field Filters mceclip3.png
  • Show / Hide Completed Work Orders mceclip1.png
  • Show / Hide Columns mceclip2.png
  • Drag and Drop, Rearrange, Resize, Sort, and Pin Columns to the Left
  • Group By

Core Field Filters

On both your Mobile App and Web App, you can add 1 filter or multiple filters from the following options below. On Web, you can even set AND vs. OR logic for each filter that you add in order to find tasks that meet multiple criteria.

Note: "AND" will display tasks where ALL criteria are met. "OR" will display all tasks where ANY criteria is met.

Filter Options:

  • Status
  • Template Attached
  • Assignee
  • Category
  • Location
  • Asset
  • Created Date
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Completed At
  • Completed By
  • Archived

Show / Hide Completed Work Orders

Show / Hide Columns

You can also choose to show or hide columns to focus on data that matters to you. Click on the columns icon to do so. 

Drag and Drop, Rearrange, Resize, Sort, and Pin Columns

You can re-arrange the columns based on what information is most important to you by using our drag-and-drop functionality

Group By

Finally, you can group tasks & work orders by Status, Assignee, Asset, Location, and Priority


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