Using Xenia for Housekeeping and Guest Requests

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Are you tired of juggling endless housekeeping and guest requests at your hotel? With Xenia, you can streamline your operations and enhance the guest experience. Here's how:

Assign Tasks to Available Staff

  1. Using Xenia's mobile app, Housekeeping managers and front desk managers can easily create and assign tasks to available housekeeping & maintenance staff (depending on the nature of the work or request). Once a task is assigned, the staff member will be notified on their mobile device and can quickly access the details of the task, including any special instructions or checklists.

Track Progress in Real Time

  1. With Xenia, you can track the progress of housekeeping tasks in real time. Managers can monitor which staff members are working on which tasks, view how much time has been spent on each task, and track when tasks are completed. This level of visibility helps managers make informed decisions and ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Enhance Guest Experience

  1. By using Xenia for housekeeping and guest requests, your hotel can provide a better guest experience. With real-time tracking, you can quickly respond to guest requests and ensure that all housekeeping tasks are completed efficiently. This helps guests feel valued and appreciated, which can lead to positive reviews and increased loyalty.

Learn more about Xenia for Housekeeping and Guest Requests by watching these video tutorials here:


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