Xenia Pricing Plans: Choosing the Right Plan for Your Team

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If you're looking for a platform that can help streamline your team's work orders, standard operating procedures, and inspections, then Xenia is the perfect solution. With its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and comprehensive reporting features, Xenia can help your team improve their efficiency and productivity.


However, with four different pricing packages to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which plan is right for your team. In this article, we'll outline the differences between each plan so that you can make an informed decision and choose the right plan for your team.


Freemium (Starter) Plan

The Freemium (Starter) Plan is perfect for small teams just starting with digital transformation. This plan is entirely free and allows up to 10 users to access Xenia. You'll have access to the platform's core features, such as work orders, SOPs, and inspections, and can organize up to five assets and one team. However, this plan does not provide access to calendars, reports, sub-assets or sub-locations or time tracking features.


Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is an excellent option for small teams that want to manage their work orders, tasks, and inspections more effectively. For $39 per month (or $29 per month for an annual contract), you'll receive access to all of Xenia's core features, including calendars, time tracking and reports. You can add up to 25 users with additional users costing $3 per. With Basic, you can complete up to 100 work orders and 100 template submissions per month. You can build up to 5 recurring schedules, 5 teams and 25 assets.


Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is an excellent option for teams that need boundless access to the entire Xenia platform. For $79 per month (or $59 per month for an annual contract), you'll receive unlimited access to all of Xenia's features for up to 25 users, with additional users costing $7 per. We will help you digitize existing checklists and templates, and ensure you are finding continued success. This is our most popular plan and is a great fit for teams of any size. 


Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is ideal for large organizations with multiple locations or branches. This plan includes access to everything in the Premium Plan and features multi-location workspaces, customized reporting, and onboarding support. You'll also have access to a dedicated account representative to help with any questions or issues. For enterprise pricing, set up a meeting with our sales team.


What are Workspaces?

Workspaces are a feature that allows businesses to manage their work orders, tasks, and inspections across multiple, independently operating locations. With Workspaces, each location can have a separate Xenia workspace, enabling managers to easily toggle between locations and view their work order and task boards, operational templates, chats, and more. Workspaces are only available with the Enterprise Plan.


Choose the Best Plan for You and Switch at any Time!

Choosing the right Xenia plan for your team depends on the size of your team, the amount of work you need to manage, and the features you require. By understanding the differences between each plan, you can make an informed decision and choose the plan that best suits your team's needs. Sign up today and get Premium access for 14 days to feel the impact of Xenia before you buy! 


We are thrilled to have you here, please reach out if you have any questions.

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