Xenia’s Quick Guide to Reports

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Xenia’s flexible reporting allows you to dive deep into operational data and gain more insights into how your team completes work, what led to big wins, where there’s room for improvement. In this guide we’ll go over a few quick tips for accessing, filtering, and downloading reports. 

Where to find reports 

Reported data is visible via template submissions, filtered task information, and the area and location dashboard—pretty much anywhere you’ll find recorded information, you’ll be able to view and even download detailed reporting. 

How to download reports

To download a report, you’ll select the area you’d like to extract data from first. We’ll look at how to download data from checklist logs and tasks or work orders as quick examples: 

Downloading operations templates reports 

If you wanted to download form submissions you would go to the Operations Templates dashboard and select the templates you’d like to pull submissions from, then you’d select the Submissions tab. 


You can filter the logs via additional filter selections above the list of log information. Once you’ve selected any desired filters, select the export button in the upper, right hand side of the window. 

This will save the report to your device as an Excel file that can be easily analyzed or shared! 

Downloading filtered task or work order data 

To download a report on task or work order data, first navigate to the task dashboard. From there you’ll be able to filter tasks for the necessary data you’d like included in your report. You can also show or hide specific columns of information. 

Once you’ve selected the appropriate filters, click the export button in the upper, right-hand side of the screen. You’ll have the option to export the data as an Excel file or as a PDF. Select which kind of report you’d like to download to save the report. 


Common reporting uses 

Some examples of how you can use Xenia’s flexible reports include downloading and sharing data insights around: 

  • process times
  • common work order requests
  • repeat asset breakdowns 
  • assignments 
  • specific task categories 
  • how often deadlines are met
  • checklist details

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