The Power of Tasks & Work Orders

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Xenia provides a seamless and easy way to create, track, and manage work orders and maintenance requests. You can use work orders to track daily tasks, complex preventative maintenance schedules or sudden repairs. 

Plus it’s easy to assign work orders and categorize the type of work, priority, due dates, and more for additional clarity. Xenia even allows you to easily track the time it takes for work orders to be completed and view work orders within a calendar view, so you can improve process times and keep your team accountable. 

Create and share work orders—visually 

Not only can you create simple work order tasks and directions directly from your mobile device in just a few clicks or taps, you can also create a work order from a photo! This is great for on-the-go workers who notice a last-minute fix that needs to take place.

Users are able to snap a picture and upload directly to Xenia as a work order request for a clear visual of exactly what is needed for the repair. 

Clear information, clear expectations

With Xenia’s work order features, you’ll be able to set and view a task’s: 

  • Type
  • Priority
  • Start time and due date 
  • Recurring schedule
  • Attached photos or notes 
  • Assigned user or team 

And to top it all off, you’re able to run reports on work order information to visualize high level information on work order and preventative maintenance processes. Clearer information means clearer expectations and faster process times.

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