How to use Xenia's Work Order Calendar

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With several people working on various maintenance tasks, work order tracking can quickly get all over the place. A calendar view lets you see all your work orders at a glance by when they're due so you can understand your team's schedule better and plan ahead. Let's see how.

First, let's access the Calendar view. Head to the Tasks & Work Orders dashboard from the sidebar menu and click on the Calendar button at the top of the page. This reveals your team's calendar.

From here, you can see all the work orders that are coming up and who they're assigned to. You can also see their status in an instant. 

1. Add a work order

Once you can see all the work orders on your team's radar, you can quickly see when to schedule an upcoming task for. Xenia lets you create a work order right from the Calendar view.

Click on the Add button on the top-right of your work order calendar. Then, simply add your details, find an assignee, and create your work order.


2. Apply filters

You can also filter work orders on the Calendar view to see tasks that are more meaningful for you. Click on the Filters button to filter work orders by:

  • Priority
  • Location
  • Category
  • Assigned to
  • Type

3. Toggle between daily, weekly & monthly views

You can also see tasks by day, week, or month views. This helps you see your schedule in a view that's most friendly for your needs. 

4. Hide completed tasks

To focus on pending work, click on the Hide button on the top-right of your calendar. This hides all completed tasks so you can easily tackle things still left to do. 



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