Saving & Customizing Templates from the Xenia Public Library

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Video Guide: Navigating the Public Template Library

Finding the right template for your use case is easy with Xenia. You can use both the search query box or the filters to find the template you need. Let's see how.

Searching for a template

Head to the Operations Templates dashboard from your sidebar menu. Click on the 'Explore Public Templates' button. Next, enter the name of a checklist you're looking for in the search box in the top-right. This will pull up all matching checklists.

Applying filters

From the Operations Templates dashboard again, click on 'Explore Public Templates'. This will take you to the public template library. Here, you'll see two types of filters:

  1. Industry: This refers to the industry the checklist targets, such as construction, hospitality, education, and so on. 
  2. Type: This refers to the type of checklist you're looking for, such as checklist, inspection, SOP, or log. 

Using a template

Click on any Template to see a full screen preview.

  1. From here, in the upper right corner of the screen, you can click on 'Use this Template Now' to immediately start a submission
  2. Or, you can click on 'Save & Customize' to edit this template to your specific organizational needs, before enabling other team members to start creating submissions

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