What are logs & how should I use them?

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Several checklists are used more than once. Maybe you’re inspecting your building’s fire safety every month. Or perhaps there are two HVAC units that are being serviced at one time. Is there a way to see all these entries in one place?

Logs let you oversee all submissions for the same checklist. Here’s how this helps:

  • View checklist history for every template that your organization uses.
  • Track completed and on-going tasks in one place. 
  • Track who worked on a specific entry and when.
  • Set new assignments by adding new logs for each checklist. 
  • Track the quality of work over time. 

Adding a checklist log

Logging checklists is as simple as starting a checklist. Whenever you start or assign a new checklist, it gets added as a log entry in the template’s logs.


There's also a quick view of how Log entries look in the mobile app.


Deleting a Log report

You can delete both individual and bulk checklist logs. From the Logs tab, select the checkbox(es) against the log(s) you'd like to delete. This will pop up a delete button at the bottom of your screen. Click on that to delete your selected log(s).


Downloading all log reports for a checklist

You can download a checklist log from the web app. From the Checklist module, open your checklist of choice and head to the Logs tab. 

Click on ‘Export’ to download all the entries. 


In addition to the action items that you’ve added to the checklist, the exported file will have the following columns:

  • Log Entry: This is a number assigned to each of your checklists. 
  • Person: This is the most recent person to have modified the checklist.
  • Started: The date and time for when the checklist entry was started. 
  • Completed: The date and time for when the checklist was completed.
  • Last Modified: The date and time when the checklist was last updated.

Also note that all the data for the action items will be separated by the headers you’ve added to your checklist.

Viewing a single log report

Sometimes, you end up finding outliers in your downloaded log reports. You can always go back to Xenia and investigate by clicking on finding the log entry under the Logs tab. Click on 'View Report' to dig deeper. 

At a glance, you'll be able to see the checklist completion status and the checklist score. You can scroll down to see all the responses for each query on the checklist. 


Downloading a single log report

You can also download a log report for a specific entry. After you click on 'View Report' for a checklist log, hit the 'Download PDF' button in the top-right corner. This will generate a PDF that you can save and print or email to your team. 


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