How to Create a Checklist

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To create a checklist, head to the Checklist module from the sidebar. Click on ‘Add’. 

Now, name your checklist and start adding action items to it. You can pick steps to add from the four available checklist responses. 



Types of checklist responses

There are four types of checklist responses that you can add:

  • Procedure: used for processes and tasks that need to be carried out
  • Pass/Fail: used for checks
  • Text field: used for text inputs for readings or details that need to be noted down
  • Number field: used for inputting number values or readings
  • Header: used to separate sections

Here are a few more things you can do to create dynamic checklists. 

1. Require images or additional notes

You can also make it mandatory to submit additional images or notes against a checklist response. Select the 'Require Images/Notes' checkbox against a checklist response. This helps when you'd like to see the state of a piece of equipment at the time of an inspection.

2. Add units to responses

Users can add units to number fields so users can input key data such as meter readings and measurements. Select the 'Add Units' checkbox when adding a text field. 

3. Attach images or documents to a response

You can also share reference material or guides to help users get the right data. When adding a checklist response, click on 'Add Attachment' to upload images or PDF files to it. 

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