How do Templates / Submissions work with Tasks & Work Orders?

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In Xenia, you can also assign (attach) templates to another person via Tasks & Work Orders. When you assign a template, a task is created for it that you can assign to another person. This task can also include further details such as priority, deadline, and location.

Similarly, you can also create a task and attach a template to it. This checklist can have the entire SOPs that the main task requires.

For example, you can create a Floor Inspection task that has a Floor Inspection Checklist attached to it. The template will further have the following line items:

  • Vacuum the floor
  • Check if the mats are clean
  • Remove any clutter from the floor
  • Place Caution boards when mopping the floor

The Assignee can complete the associated template steps, submit the checklist, and then mark the task as complete.

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